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Alimony in Utah

Alimony in Utah

If you are here, you are very likely interested in the Alimony Calculator Utah and to be honest, there really isn’t one.

Today I was asked about the alimony calculator that we use in the State of Utah. What’s amusing about that is that we do not have an alimony calculator in Utah. We simply figure out if one spouse has an economic need and also if the various other partner has the capacity to meet that financial requirement. That is the test that the court commissioners as well as courts make use of in Utah when they identify whether alimony is ideal. The very best point to do to figure out whether you will certainly get spousal support in your divorce instance is to submit as well as finish an economic statement kind. As soon as that is filed out, we can identify whether you have an economic need monthly. If your expenses every month are more than your revenue, you have a monetary need. The next action is to make certain that your partner can satisfy your requirement by paying you spousal support each month. We’ll check out his monetary statement to determine that.

When a married couple gets a separation, the court might honor “alimony” or spousal support to one of the previous partners, based either on an agreement between the couple or a decision by the court itself. The following is a conversation of the essentials of spousal support as well as spousal assistance. For even more basics on spousal support, call the law firm listed in this short article. They will certainly offer you a free examination on spousal support in separation instances.

Why Spousal support?

The function of alimony is to limit any kind of unjust economic impacts of a divorce by supplying a proceeding earnings to a non-wage-earning or lower-wage-earning partner. Part of the reason is that a person partner may have opted to forego a job to sustain the family, and requires time to create task skills to sustain his or herself. Another purpose might be in order to help a spouse proceed the criterion of living they had during marriage.

How is the Quantity of Spousal support Determined?

Unlike child assistance, which in most states is mandated inning accordance with very details financial guidelines, courts have broad discretion in determining whether to honor alimony and, if so, how much as well as for how long. The Attire Marital relationship and also Separation Act, on which several states’ spousal support laws are based, suggests that courts think about the list below factors in choosing concerning spousal support honors:

The age, physical problem, emotional state, as well as economic problem of the former spouses;
The size of time the recipient would need for education and learning or training to become self-sufficient;
The pair’s criterion of living throughout the marriage;
The size of the marital relationship; as well as
The capability of the payer spouse to support the recipient and also still support himself or herself.
Always remember about the previously evaluation I explained over that is pointed out about monetary demand. If you can’t show an economic demand, you will not obtain spousal support.

Spousal support as well as Support Orders

Awards may be tough to approximate, whether the payer spouse will comply with a support order is also harder to assess. Alimony enforcement is not like child-support enforcement, which has the “teeth” of wage garnishment, liens, and other enforcement devices. The recipient could, however, go back to court in a ridicule continuing to compel repayment. Due to the fact that spousal support could be granted with a court order, the devices readily available for implementing any court order are offered to a former spouse who is owed spousal support.

For how long Must Alimony Be Paid?

Spousal support is frequently considered rehabilitative which indicates that it is bought for just as long as is essential for the recipient partner to get training and end up being self-supporting. If the separation decree does not define a spousal assistance termination date, the repayments have to continue until the court orders otherwise. Many awards end if the recipient remarries. Discontinuation after the payer’s fatality is not necessarily automatic; in instances where the recipient spouse is not likely to acquire lucrative work, due possibly to age or health factors to consider, the court could order that more support be given from the payer’s estate or life insurance policy earnings.

You should watch this video about alimony in Utah where I explain how it works:

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Alimony Trends

In the past, many alimony awards offered settlements to former other halves by previous spouses who earned all the money in the household.  As the culture has actually altered, to ensure that now most marriages include 2 wage earners, females are viewed as less reliant, and guys are most likely to be main parents, the courts and spousal assistance awards have kept pace. An increasing number of, the custom of guys paying and also females receiving spousal support is being deteriorated, as well as orders of alimony payments from ex-wife to ex-husband are on the increase.

Free Legal Instance Review from a Household Law Lawyer

The issue of spousal support will certainly show up in many divorces, whether with out-of-court settlements, or in a separation test. In order to understand your options, you need to talk about the opportunity of paying or receiving spousal support with a separation attorney in your location today. An experienced separation attorney will review your situation at no first cost to you.

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Essential Estate Planning Attorney South Jordan UT 801-676-5507 Estate Planning Lawyer South Jordan Utah

Important Revocable Trust Attorneys Draper Utah 801-676-7308 Probate Lawyer South Salt Lake UT

Utah Estate Planning Attorney

in Utah. Vital Estate Planning Papers

In Utah, the vital estate preparing files are a revocable living trust, a last will as well as testament, a general long lasting power of attorney and a healthcare directive. These 4 files constitute the crucial estate preparing papers. Now, certainly you might need additional documents depending on your specific situation. If you have a child that is disabled, you may require a special needs trust to shield that child’s government benefits in the future. If you have a child that make poor choices and would blow their entire inheritance; then, you ought to consider a spend-thrift trust as well as have a separate trustee. There are lots of points that could make an estate strategy complex and also points you could do to earn it simple. Each scenario is various so what works for one pair highly likely may not help another. For this reason you need to meet with a skilled lawyer who concentrates on estate planning in Utah. For a cost-free initial assessment, please contact our office. We would enjoy to address all your questions and also take you with the whole process.  Watch this:

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When the estate strategy is applied, you either have to maintain your lawyer as the manager of your trust or you need to do it on your own. If you don’t keep your trust and also estate plan functional, it might not be effective when you require it most – after you are gone. If you have an irreversible life insurance policy trust, certain procedures will be called for to ensure that the desired tax obligation outcomes will be understood. Yearly insurance coverage premiums have to be paid from certain funds as well as not other funds; notices have to be sent to beneficiaries every year; and so forth. If you do refrain from doing what you should in order to maintain the insurance coverage rely on conformity with the law, you will certainly get penalize as well as ultimately, whatever could fall apart after you pass away.

Whatever advanced estate preparation method you have actually taken on, you ought to ask your lawyer to offer you with a listing of things for which you are accountable for. Just the most standard of estate plans call for little initiative to keep in conformity. The reality is – you or your legal representative must keep every little thing in compliance with the law to avoid troubles.

Furthermore, you could think that a particular estate planning strategy could be reversed if it does not end up the way you assumed it would. We have actually seen this take place a few times in our office. While some entities, like an LLC, firm, partnership and also restricted partnerships could be dissolved, various other entities, like unalterable trusts, often could not. Likewise, when a gift has actually been finished, it usually can not be revoked. When you get rid of a possession, occasionally it is impossible to transform exactly what you have actually done.

Unforeseen situations usually occur after a client completes an estate planning purchase. For instance, you might choose to place your home in a Certified Personal Home Trust, positive that you will not be selling the residence for many years. If, nevertheless, you later make a decision that you should sell it prior to the term has actually ended, you will get irritated at the complexity that is associated with doing that transaction. This is one of the main reasons you should have a really good lawyer in your corner.

Before completing an estate plan, you must constantly ask us whether you could reverse what you have done.

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Top reviewed memory loss Lawyer in Tooele UT is here to aid you in your trying case. I think we did a good job in this video explaining that you need estate Planning now.

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Family Law Attorney Salt Lake City Utah 801-676-5506

Family Law

I was asked today, what is family law and what does a family law attorney do?

Great questions.

Family law includes pretty much anything and everything that has to do with the family as it relates to the law.  Think of marriage relationships and parent child relationships and grandparent relationships.  Anytime there is something that happens with regards to those rights, a family law attorney is where you need to go.

Some of the more common things that people think about when they think of family law is:


Child Custody

Child Visitation Rights

Grandparents’ Rights



DCFS cases (Utah Department of Child and Family Services)

Domestic Violence cases

and Restraining Orders.

All of these main types of cases exist in the family law arena.  Now, there are other types of cases that we do that include family law, these are just the main areas and those that you will hear about all the time.

Think of divorce cases.  There are also what we call annulment cases.  A divorce is when a married couple dissolves the bands of matrimony that bind the couple together legally.  In essence you have to go to court and the court, by a Decree of Divorce will terminated or end the marriage.  As a part of divorce, the court will divide assets and debts, if there are minor children, address what is in the best interests of the children as it relates to custody and parent time.  The court will address all of the other corresponding issues relating to the marriage in a divorce case.

However, an annulment is different than divorce.  An annulment is when we have the court declare the marriage null and void.  Meaning that the parties technically were never married.  It undoes the marriage in reverse.  Legally speaking if your marriage is annulled, then it is just like you were never married.  Your legal status would be “single” and not “divorced.”  Depending on the facts of your case, you may or may not want to get divorced and you may prefer an annulment.  Not everyone can qualify for an annulment, so it is best to speak with a competent family law attorney to discuss this type of situation.

Here is a video that discusses annulment:

As to the other areas of law, I hope to address each one in detail in a future blog post.  The most important thing you need to know is that if you need legal help in your family, you should call a Utah attorney who regularly does family law.  Our law firm has several competent attorneys who are in court each week doing these types of cases.  Families are the most important things to us – it makes sense you’d want to do whatever you can to protect your family and your loved-ones.

For more information about Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation Rights, Grandparents’ Rights, Adoptions, Guardianship, DCFS cases , Domestic Violence cases or Restraining Orders.  Please give me a call.  I’m more than happy to help you and your family to the best of my ability –

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Family Law Attorney Salt Lake City Utah

Family Law Attorney Salt Lake City Utah

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Child Custody Attorney in Utah – What is Joint Legal Custody?

So, I met with a new client this morning about their custody case.  I love meeting with new clients and helping them through the maze of divorce, child custody. and asset division.  As an attorney, it’s one thing that I do where I feel like I truly help people.

You’ve had that feeling before, right?  Where you help someone?  You feel good?

That’s one of the main reasons I do divorce and custody work.

I want to help you.

So, here I am in this consultation this morning.

Very nice lady I’m meeting with.

And she says she wants sole legal custody.

I ask:  Why do you want sole legal and not joint legal custody?

….. crickets …..

She had heard that was what she should ask for.

I went into detail what Legal Custody is and means.

Legal Custody in Divorce and Child Custody cases covers 3 things:

1 – ability to make educational decisions for your child.

2 – ability to make medical decisions for your child.

3 – ability to make religions decisions for your child.

Please note that this is not physical custody.  Physical custody is literally where the child sleeps at night.

It is very possible for one parent to have sole physical custody and for both parents to have joint physical custody.

Now – I know that some people really do not want their ex-spouse to be able to make these types of decisions with them for their child.  Perhaps their ex-spouse was abusive; rude; or obnoxious.  Perhaps the ex-spouse lacks good critical thinking skills or common sense.

However, in Utah, it is presumed that the parties to a divorce or custody case should have joint legal custody of their minor children.

That presumption can be overcome.

You should also know that if your ex-spouse is difficult or impossible to deal with.  Then you will surely want to get sole legal custody of your kids.  Because the moment an educational decision needs to be made – BOOM! – there will be trouble.  Then you’ll have to go to mediation or court and fight it out.

The best thing in divorce and custody cases is when the parties can be kind to each other — it does happen sometimes, but doesn’t happen all of the time.

You know your specific situation.

You know whether there will be a fight out religion or a medical decision like braces comes about.  You really don’t want to fight about it all of the time.

Eventually, all children grow up and get older.  Your kids will see how you act towards your ex-spouse.  Hopefully it will be good.  If you know fighting is around the corner because your ex still wants to control you or control the family, etc.  Then you need to take precautions now and ensure that you ask for sole legal custody rather than joint.

If you’re not sure what to do, talk it out with your divorce lawyer in Utah.

Your divorce attorney will be able to help you determine whether to ask for joint legal or sole legal custody for you in your specific circumstances.

Do you have other questions or concerns about divorce or family law in Utah?

Give us a call for a free consultation:


Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

Utah Divorce Lawyer

Utah Divorce Lawyer

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P.S. – If you want to read up on the statute, take a look at Utah Code 30-3-10.1 for the definitions of joint legal custody and joint physical custody.  You might be surprised what you discover.

TL;DR – joint legal custody in Utah is different than joint physical custody; make sure you know what you want in your divorce or custody case.

Watch this video for more information: